Training our students in prayer and the ways of God we encourage them in their lives. We try to reach all children throughout the community with regular evangelism and baptisms.

Discipleship Training / Prayer


Encouraging Churches

MAX Team Visits

Discipleship Training / Prayer

Discipleship training is one of the main functions of Living Waters through the teachings, morning devotions and following meetings that are well attended:

  • 7 am morning devotions each day that includes worship, bible study and prayer
  • Monday evening outreach service
  • Tuesday evening prayer meeting, often attended by over 100 people
  • Friday morning school assembly where there is a worship service held
  • Sunday afternoon is Children’s Church held in the Assembly Hall

We emphasize learning the word, growing up in faith and serving together.
Abiding in the Lord’s directive in Matthew 28:19; “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations”. We know from the word, that the gospel must be preached throughout the whole world before Jesus returns to take us.


Faith is preached almost daily which includes sharing the Gospel with others. There is 7 am morning devotions 3 to 4 times a week where all staff and students are encouraged to attend. On Monday late afternoon we hold a service to share worship, testimony, prayer and fellowship. There is worship together and the word is taught followed by prayer. Everyone is welcome.

Also everyone at Living Waters is encouraged to share the gospel with others and to visit preach and encourage other churches.

Often when MAX teams visit, seminars are offered to churches.

Encouraging Churches

There is a monthly outreach in a nearby community where Living Waters students and staff participate. We are asked to share in other churches.
Living Waters is an expression of a church community, but does not have a church meeting on Sunday morning. This is so that Living Waters can encourage and support other churches in the area.

Encouragement to the churches is given at times through donations to help build their churches and to distribute bibles. When visiting MAX teams have speakers, seminars are held at Living Waters that are offered to local christians or church leaders.

MAX Team Visits

MAX stands for Mission African Xperience. This is one of the most fruitful aspects of Living Waters Ministries. Teams of one to 26 people visit Living Waters offering different kinds of help to the ministry. They generally come from Britain, Germany and the USA. The teams may offer preaching, teaching, evangelism, music or practical building work. They often mix short term missions with time off for a safari to the Serengeti, only a few hours  away. It is always a debate who is blessed more: the visiting team or Living Waters Ministries.

Adam, a visiting MAX team member from Scotland wrote:
“What an amazing time we have had! God has taught me so much through all of the people I have met here and I feel 100% at home. May God continue to use this place to impact the lives of many! You are all a great inspiration to me and I hope to return in the future! Thank you!”

The wonderful Serengeti Park is just a 3 hours drive away.


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