We believe not only in educating the children but in caring for their physical and spiritual health. Taking care of children at risk, caring for the hungry and ultimately providing jobs are our main goals.

Children At Risk

The Hungry

The Local Community

Caring for children at risk

The children at risk caring ministry was founded with a mutual agreement between Living Waters and Kevin Bosconi of King of Glory Ministries in 2010. He was very concerned that this ministry should be developed in Mwanza for homeless children. It would continue as their previous caring facility closed down. There were so many children needing help with a home to live in, care and education, etc. Living Waters seemed the ideal place to provide this need. It was agreed that for a short time he would support this ministry but hoped we would take up the mantle in time. There have been so many children helped through the Living Waters Children’s Home. King of Glory Ministries have suggested that now that they have built 5 homes and supported the Children’s Home since 2010, Living Waters should now raise the support for this ministry. We hope and pray we will be able to do this as it has been a very fruitful service to the children at risk.
Those children living with us are clothed, fed, housed, educated and best of all loved! We are asking for assistance to support these kids.

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Caring for the Hungry

A special ministry Living Waters has, is to disadvantaged people called Maskini, the poorest of the poor. Beginning in 1993, we offered help on a small scale extended to them through shoemaking, medical assistance and providing food. In recent years the whole community of Maskini was moved from the city to a compound in Bukumbi, 30 miles away. We often visit and provide food along with offering and enjoying a worship service together.

Another service Living Waters provides is Uji (a porridge) to the students and staff at Living Waters Education Centre. This is the only meal some children get in the day. A hearty lunch is provided to all staff each day.

Caring for the local community / Job Creation

Living Waters employs 40 Tanzanian full-time staff. This number will increase with our great potential to develop.
During our construction we provided 50 jobs for the local community. Through the construction of 20 buildings over the years, hundreds of jobs have been provided for the locals. This has led to an improvement of the living conditions and the environment in our local community.


kids in shelter


meals a day


full-time jobs created


day jobs for construction


School Bus

The location of Living Waters is a bit inconvenient and out of the way of public transportation. A school bus is highly suggested and requested. This of course would require buying a bus, maintenance, paying a driver, a license and insurance.

Electric Guitars

Our music teacher ask for 2 electric guitars.


Our student body has grown in numbers, therefore more desks are needed and for many repairs.

Administration Building

The Living Waters Christian Secondary School needs to have an additional building that will offer administration offices, a gate control receptionist, kitchen and dining hall.

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75$ / 59 £ / 60 € Children at Risk: Housing, Food, Medical Treatment but no education

30$ / 24 £ / 25 € School Sponsorship

Before & After

See for yourself how the kids changed.

Margaret when we picked her up in 2010 years and 8 years later.

Picking up Elisha and Happiness to live at Living Waters Children’s Home 2010 and 7 years later.

Bernard Kusaya in 2007 and at his graduations in 2010.

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