Living Waters Ministries is a Christian charity with a “7 Fold Vision” planted in 1998 in Mwanza, Tanzania. It is a registered charity in Tanzania with N° 9341 and UK with N° 701756.


7 Fold Vision

Local Employer




Carolyn Philpott

Founder & International Director
Carolyn has overseen the development of the ministry and coordinates the administration since the beginning of the ministry up to this day.

Agricola Malifa

Assistant to International Director
Agricola’s role extends far beyond his job title! He is a gifted preacher, worship leader, interpreter and prayer warrior as well as being a hard working administrator.

Fredrick Shem

Accountant, IT specialist, Personal Assistant
Fredrick is an integral part of the leadership and of the administration at Living Waters as an accountant, IT specialist and a personal assistant to Carolyn Philpott.

Goodluck Mitema

School Head of Primary and Secondary School
Goodluck teaches and ensures that matters run smoothly as the school continues to grow and develop. He is also a powerful preacher.

Sophia Meshack

Head Matron of the Children’s Home
Sophia oversees the other 5 house leaders and the children’s care.


Esther Susuma

Student Sponsorship Coordinator, Cashier
Being the longest serving employee, Esther is the children’s sponsorship coordinator and school cashier and knows every child’s name in the school, which is remarkable.


7 Fold Vision

  • Education
    The Education Centre consisting of Toddler Ministry, Pre and Primary School along with Living Waters Christian Secondary School has a total of 472 students.
  • Caring For Homeless Children
    Presently more than 40 children live in our 5 Children’s Homes. New sponsors are needed to support this worthwhile ministry.
  • Caring For the Hungry
    The ministry to the Maskini (the poorest of the poor) is a highly favored ministry. Visiting and providing help to these people and their needs is a great ministry because of their gracious attitude.
  • Training Leaders
    Trained through employment at Living Waters, seminars and church visits.
  • Evangelism
    Outreach in neighboring villages, crusades in partnership with churches, distributing bibles, literature and offering baptisms.
  • Job Creation
    Besides having 40+ staff members, hundreds of builders and casual workers have been hired over the years during construction.
  • MAX Teams
    MissionAfricanXperience refers to many team visits from all parts of the world, mainly from USA, Canada, UK and Germany.

Local Employer

Living Waters Ministries is a significant local employer, having more than 40 staff members full and part time. This is an especially large number of staff for a third sector employer in the area. Living Waters also has a low staff turnover because the staff enjoy the extremely pleasant working environment for many practical, aesthetic, social and spiritual reasons. The staff positions include teachers, administrators, cooks, cleaning personnel, watchmen, an allrounder and Children’s Home staff.

Mwanza, Tanzania

Population 2,772,509 (2012) – Mwanza Region

Mwanza is the fastest growing city in East Africa, and is the second largest in Tanzania. When Carolyn first visited, in the early 90s, there were few cars, but now it is almost impossible to cross the road! There are few traffic lights that caused quite a commotion when it was installed in 2009. The residents had never seen anything like it! Mwanza has moved on from being a small community to being a bustling city. Mwanza is known as ‘Rock City’ due to the many rock formations in the area – even Living Waters is comprised of numerous beautiful rock faces. One of the outstanding features of the city is the ‘Bismarck Rock’. It is a great mystery as to how the rock came to be so perfectly balanced.

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