Building god's kingdom

Living Waters Ministries is an interdenominational Christian Charity with a “7 Fold Vision” of making disciples and helping the poor.


Helping children set their future


Taking care of the community


Disciple students and churches


A total of 480 students go to our Primary and Secondary School where they receive an education in the Tanzanian curriculum. Providing an education to the poorest in Tanzania is one of the key elements of our organization.


We believe not only in educating the children but in caring for their physical and   spiritual health. Taking care of children at risk, caring for the hungry and ultimately providing jobs are our main goals.


Training our students in prayer and the ways of god we encourage them in their lives. We try to reach all children troughout the community with regular Evangelism and Baptisms.

Our Sevenfold Vision

This is an intro text about our seven fold vision.

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Carolyn Philpott

Living Waters Ministries was founded and is directed by Carolyn Philpott, who has overseen the ministry’s development and coordinated day to day events since the ministry’s first days. Among other things, she ran a car rental company in San Francisco, helped develop a tennis club complex in California, before being sent out as a missionary. Initially she ran a rehabilitation house in Bromley, Kent, before moving on to developing a Christian conference and retreat centre in North Wales (UK). Carolyn began missions work in Tanzania in 1992, and now spends much time overseeing the projects and operation of Living Waters Ministries. She has sought to serve the Lord’s will and fulfill his plans and purposes.


Jesus will give a hope and a future

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