Most of the children who attend Living Waters Education Centre are from very poor families that could not afford to pay school fees to cover the expenses of their education. Through our student sponsorship scheme we provide an opportunity for sponsors to help educate a student attending Living Waters.

What does your support enable?

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What does your support enable?

With your monthly support of £20, your sponsored child will be able to go to school and receive a healthy porridge every morning at school.

In school the sponsored student has the opportunity to hear and learn about Jesus.

If you are from the UK you can get a tax-deductible receipt.

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What you receive

  • You have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with your sponsored child.
  • You will receive a photo and more information about your sponsored child.
  • Twice a year you receive a newsletter with more information about our work.
  • You have the possibility of writing letters to your sponsored child.
  • The joy of knowing that you are changing the life of a child.
Sponsor a child now


Fill out the sponsoring form.

We allocate a child to you and you receive all necessary information.

You set up a direct debit.

You get a welcome package including a photo and more information about your sponsored child.

You receive mail from your sponsored student twice a year.

Sponsor a child now

Sponsor a Child Now

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    Frequently asked Questions

    It costs between £ 20 / € 25 / $ 25  to sponsor a child. This tax-deductible monthly donation provides your sponsored child with access to education and a healthy porridge every morning at school. With an additional £ 10 per month you can provide a warm lunch.

    We have a simple form which we ask donors to complete. If your a UK tax payer we can claim an additional 20% from your donation if a gift aid form is completed. We’ll then email you a link to complete our direct debit mandate and that’s it!

    You can send us your letter with a small donation for the postage, if you like, and we will forward it for you. We strongly suggest flat letters only. Pens, pencils, mirrors, toilet rolls and other things are not very helpful. If you would like to buy a colouring book, then you may send us the money to purchase one in Tanzania.

    Sponsored children do not receive direct cash benefits. Better yet, we pool your monthly donation with those from others for maximum effectiveness based on the needs of the children as well as supporting local staff works within the school. The staff are vital to us educating the children and providing a vibrant environment allowing students to thrive.

    We hope your support will be long-lasting. When your sponsored child leaves or moves beyond the reach of Living Waters Ministries we will offer you the opportunity to be allocated to another student.