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Living Waters’ Needs

Living Waters has constructed 14 well used buildings from a once barren land. In order to continue to develop and facilitate the ministry, we are needing to construct further buildings for use in education, sheltered accommodation for homeless orphans and outreach. Our current main building project is the completion of a high quality primary school building. We have completed phase 1 in 2005 (5 classrooms) but are in need of additional classrooms and facilities. The current project (Phase 2) will provide 4 classrooms, an ICT (Computer) teaching suite and Library, offices, a staff room, kitchen and store room, as well as a hallway where students will be able to meet and socialise. The building is nearing completion, but there are still additional costs which are not yet met, and are listed below, should you want to contribute to Living Waters’ continued development. Living Waters is highly concerned that it builds a high standard study environment, to create an aspirational scholastic atmosphere. The Phase 2 classrooms are some of the best in Mwanza.

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Above: A firm Foundation

Total cost needed for main school building (2nd Phase) completion:
£22,000 (GBP)

We would welcome donations for specific needs and parts of the new school building, which are as follows:

Tongue and Groove Wooden Ceiling:
5 needed, at £1,000 each

Electricity Wiring:
3 Phase Electricity Meter: £700

Front Entrance:
£1,000 (Door, Wall and Ceiling)

Plumbing and Soak Pit:
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Finishing, Painting and Tiling: Partly Complete
£1,000 received, £1,000 still needed

Extension construction:
£10,000 + (Two Classrooms and Bathrooms) = £20,000 in total

£50 (120 are needed)

Land needed for the future construction of a secondary and vocational training school, with playing field:

Cost unknown (probably around £4,000)

Land Rover Overhaul
Cost unknown (probably around £5,000) - Living Waters has been blessed with a well functioning modern green Land Rover, but the very useful old white Land Rover is falling into disrepair, and hence needs an overhaul.

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Right (Top):
Jobs provided for local builders
Right (Centre):
Phase two nearing completion
Right (Lower):
One of two completed classrooms

Fulfilled Needs:
Entrance Door
Tongue & Groove Ceilings
Painting and Tiling (half complete)