Living Waters Education Centre

The land on the lake side that was previously shown to Carolyn, to be part of Living Waters Ministries was purchased in 2004 to build the school. There have since been 5 buildings constructed, the 6th which will be the main school building is almost completed.


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The majority of the children are from very poor families. Therefore it was necessary to create a student sponsorship program in order to run the school without charging enormous school fees. The students are receiving an English medium education equal to the private schools that need to charge the students expensive school fees. The sponsors pay toward the costs, so the students are expected to pay a minimum amount so that they will value the education they are privileged to.

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There are nearly 400 children studying at Living Waters, where they receive a primary education in the Tanzanian curriculum. They also benefit from visiting MAX teams, who often teach a variety of subjects which adds to the depth of their education.