Our History... Inroads to Africa

Carolyn With Children

The foundations for ministry were laid when Missionary Carolyn Philpott visited Tanzania for the first time in 1993. After visiting Mwanza for 3 weeks initially, she says there was such a call from the Lord upon her to minister in this country. During that first 3 week visit to Mwanza, she saw that there were many desperate needs of the people, but also saw many practical ways in which they could be met.

The Tanzanians were so open and friendly having a natural inner joy, yet they lived so simply with so little. The women came out of their mud houses looking beautiful and probably most did not even have a mirror!

In 1993 there were few cars and no mobile phones. When there was a need to see or speak to someone, an appointment did not have to be made because invariably you would meet up with the very person you might have wanted to see or speak to.

For the following years, there were many visits that took place twice a year, then three times a year with teams that were moved by the stories about the people of Mwanza and their needs.


In 1997 Living Waters Ministries was given a miraculous gift from God. The Tanzania government allocated 9 acres of beautiful land on the top of a hill, made up mostly of granite stones. These acres have some of the most stunning panoramic views of Lake Victoria and the surrounding land in Mwanza. At the time, Carolyn sat on one of the big stones at the top of the hill, and it was then that the Lord inspired her to gaze at an area of land at the foot of the hill by the lake, and told her that it would belong to Living Waters Ministries in the future.
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Our main goal is to serve Christ through a 7 Fold Vision, comprising:
Caring for homeless children
Caring for the hungry
Evangelism and encouraging local churches
Job Creation
MAX Team Visits
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Funds were raised to begin building a community centre which began with an Assembly Hall, 3 accommodation bungalows used by visiting teams and “Maranatha House”, which became the hub of the ministry, and allowed Living Waters to begin reaching out to the local people. Since 1998 there have been 7 well used buildings built on top of the hill.

Living Waters now has a total of 14 buildings which include a school located by the lake at the bottom of the hill, houses on the hilltop which are being used as a home for children who were homeless – most of them are orphans. These facilities allow for a wide range of ministry to take place, including many well attended outreach meetings, education of children, provision for jobs, homes for the poor, and a community of vibrant activity.