About our Leadership

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Carolyn Philpott
Living Waters Ministries was founded and is directed by Carolyn Philpott, who has overseen the ministry’s development and co-ordinated day to day events since the ministry’s first days. Among other things, she ran a car rental company in San Francisco, helped develop a tennis club complex in California, before being sent out as a missionary. Initially she ran a rehabilitation house in Bromley, Kent, before moving on to developing a Christian conference and retreat centre in North Wales (UK). Carolyn began missions work in Tanzania in 1992, and now spends much time overseeing the projects and operation of Living Waters Ministries. She has sought to serve the Lord’s will and fulfil his plans and purposes.Copied Image

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Agricola Malifa

Agricola is the Assistant to the Director at Living Waters. However, his role exends far beyond his job title! He is a gifted preacher, worship leader, interpreter and prayer warrior as well as being a hard working administrator and loyal servant to the Lord’s work, and to Living Waters Ministries. Copied Image

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Robert Shushu
Robert Shushu (in shirt, center) is the Head Teacher at Living Waters Education Centre, and facilitates the operations of the school. He ensures that matters run as smoothly as the school continues to grow and develop. He actively takes on the challenge of striving for high standards, punctuality and efficiency, in a culture where these are not always present. His strong knowledge of events and the local culture, as well as his background in education at The University of Dar Es Salaam, where he obtained a BA in Education.

Fred Mugwero
Fred is an integral part of the leadership and administration at Living Waters as an accountant, IT specialist and a personal assistant to Carolyn Philpott. He is qualified in IT and accountancy and makes a highly valued contribution to many areas of life at Living Waters.