About Mwanza

Mwanza is the fastest growing city in East Africa, and is the second largest in Tanzania. When Carolyn first visited, in the early 90s, there were few cars, but now it is almost impossible to cross the road! There is only one traffic light that caused quite a commotion when it was installed in 2009 - The residents had never seen anything like it! Mwanza has moved on from being a small community to being a bustling city. Mwanza is known as ‘Rock City’ due to the many rock formations in the area - even Living Waters is comprised of numerous beautiful rock faces. One of the outstanding features of the city is the ‘Bismark Rock’ which can be seen below. It is a great mystery as to how the rock came to be so perfectly balanced.
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The indigenous people are mostly Sukuma, which is the largest tribe in Tanzania. According to Agricola, who is himself Sukuma, they are very friendly people. Most of the staff at Living Waters are Sukuma. The living conditions of the residents in Mwanza have improved greatly, but still are very poor and needy. The unemployment rate is still high. There are many social and nominal Christians, but true disciples are few and far between.